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Mental Health System Information Pages Saturday 27th November, 2021

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What to do in a crisis

Help and advice in a mental health emergency

If a person's mental or emotional state gets worse quickly, this can be called a mental health crisis or a mental health emergency.
It may be a person’s first mental health crisis or a relapse of an existing mental health condition.

Mental health crises may be one of these:
  • suicidal behaviour or intention
  • panic attacks / extreme anxiety
  • psychotic episodes (loss of sense of reality, hallucinations, hearing voices)
  • other behaviour that seems out of control or irrational and that is likely to endanger the person or others
In a crisis situation, it's important to get help quickly.

If there is an immediate risk

If you, or someone you know, are in immediate danger of serious harm (for example, if someone has taken an overdose) call 999 for an ambulance immediately. Give as much information as possible to the operator and be as clear as you can when giving your address and telephone number.

If there is a risk of physical violence, or if the person is at risk of self harm or of causing harm to someone else, it may be necessary to contact the police.

People already receiving treatment for mental ill health

If the person having a mental health crisis is already getting treatment and support for their mental ill health they will have a care plan. In this care plan will be the numbers you can call in an emergency.

People without a care plan, or if you can’t find it

You could;
Phone your GP surgery and ask for an emergency appointment. If you phone and the surgery is closed there should be a recorded message giving you an emergency contact number to call.
  • Out of Hours GP Services for Staffordshire telephone 111
You could;
  • call your mental health worker if you have one
  • call your local mental health crisis team
  • go to the accident and emergency department at your local hospital if there has been an injury or another physical health problem
Our crisis team staff work closely with emergency departments to make sure that people can be treated for a mental health illness where needed.

If you need someone to talk to

If you want to call someone about how you feel or how you deal with someone else's behaviour, you could contact:

Staffordshire Doctors Out of Hours Service - Telephone: 111
Trained nurses can give you help and support 24 hours a day.

The Samaritans - Telephone: 116 123 (Free to call)
The Samaritans offer a 24-hour confidential telephone helpline. You can also contact them via email or write to them.

Staffordshire Mental Health Helpline
Telephone: 0808 800 2234 (Free to call)
Text: 07860 022821 (Free to text)
Online Chat:

7pm-2am Weekdays 2pm -2am Weekends
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